5 ways to keep the boredom gone even with the travel ban!

In yet another bid to up airport security, US authorities have implemented a device ban, forbidding passengers from carrying any electronic device larger than a cellphone. This ban specifically targets passengers from 8 countries. The ban applies to laptops, tablets, Kindles and even cameras that are larger than mobile phones. This means that passengers now can’t watch movies, surf the net or even do their work on long flights. So what other entertainment options are available? Here are a few cost-free ways to keep yourself occupied during those long hours!

1. Read

Pick up one of the latest bestsellers at the airport or revisit a old favourite! There’s just no excuse to not read on a flight when you have so much time to spare. No space in your carry-on duffel? InkCase is your answer! Choose from your own library of e-books with InkCase which transforms your iPhone into an e-reader. No need to worry about adding more bulk or being stopped by airport security. Now all you need to worry about is what book you want to read first!

InkCase i7 e-reader
InkCase adds a secondary E Ink screen at the back of your phone!

2. Puzzles

Keep yourself occupied by flexing your brain muscles! Pick up a couple of brain teasers and you’re in for hours of fun! These brain teasers help boost your brain power by enhancing your memory and developing your ability to think out of the box. Your brain will produce more dopamine when you try out these puzzles, keeping your spirits high! The sense of satisfaction after you succeed at solving one will also give your mood a much-needed boost too.

3. Plan your schedule

Make full use of your time by planning ahead! Use those long hours to plan your schedule to maximise your productivity. Instead of just sitting around, make a to-do list and prioritise your urgent and important tasks in your phone. Keep the to-do list or your daily schedule visible by displaying it on the back of your phone with InkCase! That way you’ll never forget your tasklist or miss an appointment.

InkCase i7 schedule daily planner
With InkCase, you’ll never miss another appointment!

4. Create something

Slip a notebook and a pencil in your bag and you’re set for hours! Use those long hours to pen down your thoughts or write a little note for your loved ones. Get your creative juices flowing by writing little stories about what’s happening around you! Who knows, you may just discover a talent for writing!

Not a fan of words? Draw something then! Sketch something as a keepsake for your trips. You can even give them to your friends or family for a more personal gift! Bring some origami paper and get started on your own origami zoo. Just keep your hands busy and you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies!

5. Make new friends

What else can you do when you’re surrounded by people who are just as bored as you are? Step out of your comfort zone and make some conversation with the guy next to you! What’s the worst that can happen? Sure, you may end up discovering that you have nothing in common with him but chances are you’ll probably have a pretty interesting conversation with someone you might have never had the chance to talk to. You may even make some lifelong friends that way. So give it a shot and start the ball rolling! Not sure what to talk about? Show off your most interesting moments by displaying it on the back of your phone with InkCase! That’ll give you something to start off – ask your neighbour about their most interesting memories!

Oaxis InkCase i7 displays your photos with minimal power consumption
Keep your best memories close by with InkCase!
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