Here’s the future of networking: E Ink Badges!

Plastic Logic is working together with Blendology to combine its bi-stable electrophoretic display, based on a unique OTFT backplane, with Blendology’s oneTap technology. Blendology built a reputation for itself as an event solutions company with its unique interactive oneTap technology. It allows users to connect and network with a simple tap of their special delegate badges

Why E Ink?

While developing its trademark badges, Blendology realised that the display would be imperative. The badge needed to have all the physical characteristics of a traditional paper exhibition badge while retaining interactivity.

The firm uses Plastic Logic’s 4-inch E Ink display, including a logic controller that acts as an interface between the badge and its app. One badge costs US$60 but since it’s designed for reuse, the cost will be covered over time

Plastic Logic’s E Ink display is sturdy enough for the usual taps and drops the badges may undergo. Due to the extremely low power consumption, a single charge can last the badge for many days. The lightweight nature also ensures the comfort of delegates even when worn for long periods of time.

Moreover, the badges can keep the display on with no additional power consumption, providing a paper-like display. These characteristics have made E Ink displays the prime choice for products such as the InkCase which gives you the best of both worlds. The InkCase adds an E Ink screen at the back of your phone, allowing you to read anywhere and any time!

Oaxis InkCase e ink ereader
Put your library in your pocket with the InkCase!

The badge utilises the display aptly, maximising the functionality since users can change the content displayed accordingly. The badges can as such double as venue maps, conference agendas and even more. The increased degree of customisation opens up a whole new level of potential for the events industry.

The potential of Blendology

Currently, more than 350 events in 18 countries have used the badges successfully. Blendology is also looking into integrating these badges into other markets such as corporate use and personal electronic business cards.

Keep an eye out too for future collaborations between Blendology and Plastic Logic! Blendology has also expressed interest in working together with Plastic Logic in a venture to produce the world’s thinnest watch in the future.

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