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E Ink is often advertised as a cool tech that uses zero battery consumption. This is only half true if the E Ink screen is displaying a static image. Today, our new firmware update brings you more battery life.


So, what is E Ink? 

Electronic Ink  (E Ink) utilizes the same pigments used in the printing industry. When laminated with plastic and adhered to an electronic board, it creates an Electronic Paper Display (EPD).


Two Pigment Ink System

There are millions of microcapsules which contains positively charged white particles and negatively charged particles, suspended in clear fluid. When a positive or negative electric field is being applied, the corresponding particles move to the top of the microcapsule where it becomes visible. This makes the surface appear black or white at that spot. An electrical charge has to be applied to rearrange the pigments on the E Ink screen. This is when the battery is consumed.

All new firmware update

Understanding the above theory, we understand that the key to minimizing battery consumption is to reduce the number of screen refreshes. Our latest firmware update comes with a newly designed clock interface with a 5 minutes buffer. By doing so, the screen now refreshes every 5 minutes instead of 1 minute.


Download your latest firmware here.

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